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Our team consists of highly skilled professionals in the fields of retirement planning, income planning, and wealth management. We work together to help ensure our clients have customized and effective retirement strategies. With the emphasis on asset preservation and strategic distribution, our team collaborates to design conservative financial retirement plans for our clients. Our team is dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations for service, financial knowledge and the management of their retirement funds.

No Need To Worry. We'll Help You Plan For Your Retirement With Our Three-Part Philosophy

We’ve been working with retirees and pre-retirees for the last 20 years. We know the process and we can help you weigh your options for retirement. We know what to expect and will help personalize a plan for you. Now, here are some things you should expect when working with us. These are the cornerstones of our identity as a firm.

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Our Three-Part Retirement Planning Philosophy:




Gene J. Wittstock, MSF

President and Founder

A successful, comprehensive retirement plan should consist of many parts: guaranteed income, managed investments, effective tax strategies, healthcare provisions, and customized estate planning. These basic essentials also need to be encompassed in a unified structure reflecting three objectives: guarantees, growth, and liquidity.

As the Chief Strategist for Retirement Income, Gene Wittstock’s primary role is to provide independent financial guidance to families. The cornerstone of his methodology is financial education and the ability to empower retirees with significant retirement confidence.

As a first-generation immigrant, Gene is proud that he funded his own education through hard work and dedication. He graduated with honors from William Tyndale College in Michigan, majoring in psychology and business administration. He also earned a Master of Science in Finance (M.S.F) from Walsh College.

William J. Revoir

Sr. Vice President & Wealth Management

We believe that it is imperative for every retiree to have a well-designed income plan as well as a solidly constructed wealth management portfolio. Consequently, we conduct comprehensive research for our investors, providing them with ground-breaking, innovative wealth management platforms. Our philosophy focuses on growth, liquidity, and guarantees.

Bill has been in the financial services industry since 1979 and joined Quest Financial bringing with him extensive knowledge and experience in retirement planning and wealth management. Bill has also served his community in public office and was a member of a board that oversaw the $800 million pension fund for one of the biggest counties in the Detroit Metro Area. Bill is an investment advisor representative, holding a Series 65 securities license.

Jeffrey L. Perry

Vice President, Income & Analytics

With his knowledge in retirement income distribution planning Jeff Perry helps clients arrive at non-investment strategies for accumulating and preserving assets prior to retirement. In addition, he assists clients during the distribution phase so that they can feel confident in their retirement income. Jeff is dedicated to teaching clients how to preserve their retirement assets regardless of the economic landscape.

As a 10-year U.S. Navy veteran Jeff has had the opportunity to travel to, and live in, several countries. This allowed him to work closely with people from all corners of the world. Jeff is proud that he works in an industry that allows him to continue to service the public. He takes great pleasure in working one on one with clients to ensure all their retirement needs are met.

Jeff comes from a highly technical background ranging from information technology and software development to marketing and advertising. Prior to working at Quest Financial Jeff managed television programming and advertising operations for over 60 markets at Comcast Cable. As a leader at Comcast Jeff believed in leading by example and building a culture of inclusivity, teamwork, and partnership. These are values that Jeff has brought with him to Quest Financial.

Are you prepared for

You’ve probably been planning for retirement is some way, shape, or form for many years. As you get closer to retirement, it’s important to plan in more specific details. How much money will you have coming in the door every month? Is that money guaranteed or could it fluctuate? How will you spend your money?

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